OilFinder uses remote sensing and computational modeling to identify the location of oil seepage on the seafloor of offshore basins.

These technologies are remote, which means they don’t need collection of in-situ data. Therefore, they can be applied to any offshore region in the world. Besides not depending on permitting for data acquisition and presenting lower operational and environmental risks, this type of technology is more cost effective when compared to traditional technologies.

Our customers are E&P companies, looking for information that evidences HC charge to improve the analysis of petroleum systems. They use this information to support decisions about new ventures, exploratory programs, well location and pre-production testing.

Here is what they  say:

“OilFinder delivers information about the origin of seeps on the  seafloor, which is new and different from what is available in the market. This information makes it possible to integrate seismic data with seeps data, reducing uncertainty in the exploration models. We can have information from the seafloor without going there,  and this saves time and money.”

Exploration Manager – Repsol

“The inverse computational modeling of the trajectory of seepage slicks allows to verify the possible existence of a common geologic origin at the ocean floor. This acquisition effort is important to prove if the proposed natural oil seep area indeed represents the end point at the seafloor of a migration path from unknown oil kitchens in new deepwater exploration frontiers.

  Such an innovative technology adds significant value to the detection of seepage slicks using spaceborne images and I don’t have notice of any other company delivering similar results.”

Senior Geologist, Petrobras

“The project with OilFinder consisted in using satellite images to detect oil seeps at the sea surface and use the inverse modeling technique to determine with a good level of accuracy the exact point of exudation.
This information was useful to complete our assessment of the Basin and allowed Sinochem Brasil to increase its Technology Framework and knowledge in Exploration G&G.
Another highlight of this partnership was the project management skills and methodology used by Oil Finder to comply with the project deadlines.”

Technology Manager – Sinochem Brasil