Multiclient studies for bid rounds
Multiclient packages
Relevant information for evaluation of assets offered in bid rounds:

• Identification of oil seeps on the sea surface.
• Seep areas at the seafloor.
• Integration with other data (geology, petroleum systems, wells, discoveries, etc.).


• Initial analysis of new frontiers at low cost compared to other tools
• Reduction of exploratory risk
• Optimization of cost/ benefit in other phases of exploration
• Increase of success rate in the identification of active petroleum systems
• Better characterization of the petroleum system

Packages for Mexican GoM Deepwaters - click here
Support to exploratory program

Improve the planning and execution of exploratory program. The use of remote technologies enables a cost-effective evaluation, with lower environmental and operational risk. Also, Inverse Modeling contributes to increase the success rate.


• Reduction of investigation area before applying more expensive tools
• Reduction of exploratory risk
• Increase in the success rate of identification of active petroleum systems
• Better characterization of petroleum systems.



Oil seep mapping for
Campos Basin
  • Oil seeps were detected by satellite on the sea surface in 5 different dates
  • Inverse modeling points to the same origin on the seafloor (yellow rectangle) for the 5 seeps (different from the conclusion we could take considering only sea surface information);
  • The visualization of a seismic line that crosses the seep area on the seafloor makes it possible to identify structures that could favor the oil escape.